Josh Whetzel(non-registered)
The Eagle coming at you! Remarkable but scary!
Linda Taylor(non-registered)
These photos are so good. You are an artist and have a great eye. If I had a house I would get one of each!! :-)
Ann Scully(non-registered)
Fantastic images. Love the bison in winter, the two male moose, the composition of the black bear family, the black and white bird (cormorant?) airing his wings - would you please donate a print of that to the CSN silent auction in 2014? the grizzly with trumpeter swans in background, the doe swimming across the river, the elk with aspen grove in background, so many great ones. Good work.
Mike kitchen(non-registered)
Kent, some amazing photos in here! Excited to see more.
Ann Scully Nelson(non-registered)
I love the lioness photo on the home page. Your photos are great. You have patience and a good eye.
Kent Nelson(non-registered)
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